Three things I encourage for a better 2021

3 min readJan 24, 2021
Dr. House Strikes again.

Well, we are now in 2021, and frankly, I have all but disappeared from social media. After a few months of trials, tribulations, and what I like to call the “puppet show.” I have seen many people suffer through the last almost year since the pandemic started. The magnifier has been put on all of us because of companies and other factors, causing people to feel the immense pressure about what life has brought forth. I am still seeing clients privately and for my day job, and I would like to highlight three things that have helped them and may also help you.

  1. Remove the noise- I am not saying wear earplugs wherever you go, but I say that turning down the external chatter will help you focus on what matters. While I enjoy social media and staying up to date as any other person, I have found that minimizing those external factors helps my headspace more than supporting it. I have gone to a few extremes in my attempts to close the noise gap. It has involved blocking the news in the house, removing social media from my phone almost completely, and engaging in conversations via phone or voice notes in telegram or signal. Now, while everyone will have their opinions about Facebook and Twitter as sources of news and content. My opinions of the overlords who run either entity have caused me to distance myself from them and not return. Learning to have boundaries about conversation topics is important. There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with a bullhorn singing the same song day in and out. People will understand when you say enough, so don’t be afraid to do so.
  2. Get out in nature- It is bad enough that we are in the pandemic’s midst of our lifetime; however, nature itself is healing. Living in the concrete jungle that most of us live in has caused us to become stiff, contracted, and feel trapped. We need to add some motility into our bodies and minds, so adding some time walking, meditating, or hugging a tree can be curative for our stress levels. Nature has balanced electrons, and things like grounding outside or taking a walk can help us balance those spinning charges more naturally and neutrally. This is especially important since we have high exposure to blue light, since working from home has become the norm.
  3. Explore other options—Stale behavior will cause more grief than anything else. A human dies the death of one thousand cuts when there is no change. This could be waking earlier than normal, painting a picture, singing or writing a song, or writing a letter to someone you care about. You can even find new jobs or things to cause you to grow. You would be surprised at how many openings for new jobs have come up, and this is not advertised on the news because who wants to hear about the good things happening in life, right? (all jabs intended) Doing things that are out of the norm helps your nervous system build new patterns. The better and more pronounced those neurological pathways are, then the healthier our brains can become.

I would post or make you an offer to join me on social media or my site. I would rather not be typical in that manner, but I encourage you to drop me a note on here or subscribe for more soon. Likewise, I will do my best to write more over the following months as I establish a new routine to thrive and support others to do the same.

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