3 min readJul 22, 2021

Humans Succumb To Pressure If Not Refocused

If there’s anything I’ve seen over the last months, it is that humans in our current age are fragile. This is due to a mix of indoctrination, education, biology, and background. We are wired to be communal in our approaches and to follow the flow. We are often falling prey to keeping others safe through a complex network of self-sacrifice, without the potential thought of the preciousness of the resource put on the altar.

Previously, I spoke about the current state of electronic social media and how the situation has become more filtered and charged. It’s rough out there. I’m not only talking about the health talks, but even if you were to support an alternative cryptocurrency, you would get flack from multiple angles. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme.

During Roman occupation of lands, they would hang thieves, cheaters, and anyone who violated the law by different means outside the city entrances. They would use modified crucifixions to denote what not to do before you enter the city gates. Follow our set laws or suffer. People were often on their best behavior, so they did not end up like this or that person. There was tension upon the land due mainly due to occupation by fear, force, and propaganda. The problem with force like that is that eventually, you cut off the life-giving channels that made that empire great.

In these modern times, we have approached this point in many parts of the world. The suffocation of individuals and the perpetual cloak over society has become heavy – Brother vs. Brother and sister vs. sister. Many do not see it, but it has been subtly forming over the last decades, and now it is coming to a head. While the wizards are behind the curtain, we see a show of what’s supposed to be happening in society. Be good, and you can maintain your independent space. Behave, and you’ll get your dangled carrot.

Sadly, those who often think their thoughts are independent have been swayed by other factors. Learning to be an individual for your integrity is hard. It is counter-culture, and previously, you were a rec-loose tossed into the desert to feast on crickets and live in a hut of mud. The same could be said of leper settlements worldwide, where many who had no choice were isolated by those who knew better.

Being mindful of your choices is important, and so is having the purity to know what is right and wrong, even when others scream at the top of their lungs that you’re an idiot. Self-preservation is not a sin, nor is approaching life with cautious skepticism. Many have degrees and have forgotten how to think. Sadly, they forget that observation is a part of the scientific method like the other parts.

We must learn to observe without judgment and take in what is useful to thrive forward. If not, we will become slaves to the winds of society and only own the shell of ourselves.

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