Lessons ignored will be repeated with loan shark interest

7 min readSep 3

It has been a while since I wrote up anything of any value to anyone, and that is with good reason. As with many iterations of my said life, I found the need to close off from the world again and to seek answers beyond that of my previous lifestyle. As many of my previous posts have indicated, I like to experiment, observe, analyze, synthesize and retest aspects of my personal psychological construct. Partly because deep down I enjoy a solid scientific process, and partly because there are still challenges in which intellect alone has either been blocked or been blacked out by physical or mental trauma.

In the latest adventure, I decided to strip away anything I have attained in my life and embarked on learning new skills to work within the digital analysis and forensic field of computer sciences. My best friend told me that I was either insane or had the most intestinal fortitude he has ever seen. Both of those options may be correct, as previously I was self-taught about computers and how they worked. The last time I had embarked on any sort of customization or learning process of any type within that field was back in 2003. As of the writing of this post, that would make it almost 20 years exactly. A lot has changed with systems, processes, and operating systems within that time frame, so as one could imagine, there were many gaps to be filled in my learning.

In addition to being completely unfamiliar with technology, the field of digital forensics is a field that dances the line between law enforcement as well as systemic reconstruction of events. To give you a more familiar visual, similar to popular shows like NCIS. You can think about it like being a field forensics specialist reconstructing a crime scene, just in a digitized sphere. I jumped into my first class designed to learn about one of the most challenging areas within the Windows environment, which is Windows Registry Forensics. To say that it was like jumping into a choppy ocean with no safety precautions would be an understatement. In fact, the entire journey was one of pure pressure, and refinement. I would attest that in many ways, the experience over two years made me better in many ways, but in some other ways it uncovered many of my deficiencies and internal traumas.


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