The lies we tell ourselves — follow the breadcrumbs for answers

6 min readSep 11

People are masters of lieing to themselves and justifying why they do it. -Philip McKernan

During some reflection time, the past week, while lying on an acupuncture table with quite a few needles in my body, there came a realization. That realization was that for the first time in a long time there was clarity and quiet around me. Life has become very busy with things to do, people to see, and other life needs. I’m the first to say that sometimes we need to bite the bullet and get things done. However, when is it time to let go of the constant grind before we grind ourselves into small powder and shift into something better? That is one thing that is not taught widely in many disciplines or industries.

Currently, I’m seeing many cases where providers of all walks of life are both struggling to balance personal needs with work demands. Often life can become all consuming, and we lose touch of what matters, what nourishes us, and frankly, what makes us feel alive. One thing is for sure, as I have continued to study and learn about human psychology via multiple sources, I am seeing the biggest drain on humans that I have ever seen. Educators, caregivers, medical professionals, business people, and service workers are grinding themselves to a pulp at an alarming rate. Some end up throwing or spreading that energy into social media channels that enhances the echo chamber and causes those feelings to siphon out more energy and slowly leads to their drowning internally. Our mind and our nervous system can become unsynchronized, and that leads to pathways of disease.

There I laid thinking about that, and the famous last words of one of my mentors who passed away a while back. He said, “You’ll never hope that you would have worked more for a dollar on your deathbed. You would have wished that you would have served the world more fully and been yourself more often.” Stephen Russell did that, and God bless his soul, the barefoot doctor cared about many people in the world and lived a life of wanting to help others break the mold of modernization. Yet, the forces continue to become stronger out there. There are few times that you can walk into any public place that someone is not on a phone, computer or social channel immersed in the endless scrolling and emotion. The name cell…


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